Our OEM products

TKD provides a competitive advantage

We offer our OEM customers innovative and value-added products to ensure their competitiveness.

We work closely with OEM´s to deliver cost-effective and technically superior recommendations that meet the end-user's needs.

We know that your assets are important, so we work with you from the beginning, from concept to development, to determine the right solution for your individual needs.

We offer you:

  • Support for technical applications
  • Application specific solutions
  • Cost-efficient productse

Warehousing and Logistics:

  • Own flexible warehousing
  • Warehouse management system software
  • First In – First Out (FIFO) and Traceability incl. Documentation
  • Processing of Sea and Air freight along with customs clearance
  • National and EU freight
  • Small order lot size
  • Just-in-Time Deliveries
  • Project delivery
  • Consignment stock
  • Minimum stock level
  • Safety stock

Picking and Repacking

We take care of picking as well as need-based repacking:

  • Reusable packaging and Container management
  • Europallet
  • Skeleton container
  • Small load carriers (e.g. KLT-box)
  • Specific reusable packaging system according customer requirements
  • One-way pallet

Packaging concept and delivery as per customer need:

  • Optimal packing quantity and unit


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